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Update on UK Government assistance under COVID-19 including the...

The latest Government advice on Covid 19 including a look at the employment allowance. -... find out more

Employment Law and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Louise...

It is trite to say that the current lockdown is both unexpected and unprecedented; whatever the... find out more

Update on UK Government assistance under COVID-19 26.3.20

Giles Mooney updates us on the UK Government assistance under COVID-19 as at 26.3.20 Courses... find out more

What a tangled web we weave…

The calculation of top-slicing relief on life assurance gains has been the source of some... find out more

Summary of advice to UK businesses regarding Covid-19

Giles Mooney presents a summary for businesses and advisers on Government business assistance... find out more

Working 9 to 5 at home

As the coronavirus forces the profession to embrace remote working, Giles Mooney has tips for those... find out more

Budget Seminars within 24 hours of the speech

A Chancellor’s first budget speech is always a big day in the world of tax. The first budget... find out more

Great seminars. Great price freeze.

Welcome to PTP’s 2020 seminar programme, which delivers the seminars you need to help you... find out more