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Nothing ensures that you and your colleagues are properly briefed to deal with your client's demands like having tailored training delivered in a form, a location and a time that are designed especially for you.

You know your business and what your people require to deal with it efficiently and professionally. In-house training ensures that they and you are kept in the peak form to deliver your client needs. But delivering training requires time to develop appropriate means of getting the message across, time which has to be diverted from client service. And it's hard to ensure that every new development in tax and compliance spheres has been considered.

We are in daily contact with practices of all sizes and disciplines and we are used to explaining clearly the relevance of new developments in all manner of contexts. We can save you the hassle of re-inventing the wheel by adapting existing material to suit your precise needs. Follow the link below to view the huge range of topics our directors and associate lecturers can address, between them.

But they are only the beginning. Do you want your forms and procedures reflected in the course material? Do you want to specify sections that are relevant and those which can be left out? Do you want to introduce assessment methods into the course material or timetable sections of the course for internal briefings?

Maybe you have only a few people who need training in a particular discipline. How about identifying associated or neighbouring firms who could share the training sessions with you to make them cost-effective? Your local society might be interested in running specialist courses for all the firms in your region.

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